Photojournalism’s role in election 2008

Besides Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin skits on Saturday Night Live, photos published as campaign and election coverage will become the iconic images and historic symbols of this race. This Washington Post article analyzes the images and symbols attached to the 2008 election and speculates on their place in pop culture. 

Michelle Obama visited Gainesville, Fla. Oct. 22. I was not able to catch her appearance but after my midterm I headed downtown to capture the rally’s aftermath. The crowd gathered at the steps of the Hippodrome State Theatre.img_6385

The media’s portrayal of a candidate weighs on the public’s opinion, not only in print and online articles but in photos as well.

For example, this photo of Obama depicts him as a popular candidate through composition. It utilizes the rule of thirds and takes advantage of a nostalgic Americana feeling with the colors. Obama is often small in the frame, the rest filled with people in support of their candidate. The media at large seems to favor photographing Obama as an icon while more close-up shots of McCain in mid-speech are printed.

The New York Times’ slideshows “Election Eve: Democrats” and “Election Eve: Republicans” are an interesting juxtaposition of photo compilations of each party’s candidates.

As America heads to the polls today, media coverage will swell with images of voters and candidates. It will be interesting to explore the role of the media’s visual depiction of the candidates in retrospect.


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